How It Works Going Solar Is Easy

Harness the power of Sun’s energy, save the planet save money.

1. Use Solar Energy, clean, efficient and no pollution.

2. Solar PV Panel, converts sun energy to electricity.

3. Inverter, converts DC to AC for domestic use. Save Money.

4. Access energy fed back to the grid, make more money.


Solar PV Panel

Solar PV Panel installed on your roof converts solar light from the sun into electricity producing Direct Current (DC).


Solar Inverter

Solar Inverter converts the DC electricity from your solar panels into Alternating Current (AC). This then can be used directly, stored in a battery or fed back to the grid.


Storage Battery

Solar Battery are used to store the access electricity generated from the sun. This stored electricity can be used at night, during power outage or fed back to the grid.

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Go Solar, Save the Planet, Save Money.

Are you wondering how much does it cost to install a solar panel? How much money you could save? Let’s explain to help you better understand. If you have any questions/ queries feel free to contact us.

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Save Electricity with Solar


Go Solar, Save Money.

Based on an average quarterly bill of $550.00, we recommend to install 6.6Kw Solar System.

The solar system will generate approx. 2200 KWh in a quarter which means you’d likely use approx. 900 kWh of the solar energy you generate. That is a saving of $252 at 28 cents per Kwh electricity charge.

The remaining solar energy will be fed back to the grid, with current incentive of approx. 11 cents per Kwh you would save further $143.

Total saving for the period : $395

Total Saving for 24 Months : $3160*

* Please note: Information provided here is general in nature and does not take into consideration your personal situation, or property-specific factors that may impact the effectiveness of the solar system for your property such as shading, roof area, etc. Please contact us and one of our solar specialist will help you udnerstand overall solar system, savings and provide a detail quote.

Solar System Payback Period

Your Estimated Annual Saving

Your New Estimated Electric Bill

Clean. Efficient. No Pollution.

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